Energy Data Sources

Below is a list of useful data sources on energy and emissions. Suggestions for additions are welcome, and please use the comments for this.


Gapminder – Excellent source for data visualization of a range of metrics

Carbon Emissions

Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels


EU Edgar Data

UK Emissions Data – Committee on Climate Change

International Energy Statistics

IEA – Energy Flows

China Energy Data Book

EIA – Installed fossil fuel capacity by country

International Energy Agency

International Energy Agency CO2 emissions from fuel combustion


European Energy Prices

BP Energy Outlook

EIA – beta (potentially good source of US energy data. Still rough round the edges)

UK ERC Energy Data Centre

World Bank – Energy and Mining

World Energy Council

EIA – Electricity capacity etc.

EIA Energy Outlook


US – wind turbine database – USGS

National Electricity Data

US state by state energy consumption and production

Historical UK electricity output by fuel – DECC

US monthly electricity production by fuel source

Real time Solar PV production in Germany

Germany current electricity production

Elexon – Historic UK electricity production by sources

Ireland electricity generation and CO2 intensity

Spain electricity generation and CO2 intensity

Denmark electricity generation

Nordic electricity generation

France electricity generation

EIA – US electricity production by state

PF Bach – Hourly renewable energy production for a few countries

Australia electricity production

Portugal electricity production

ENTSO – European production by country (mostly monthly)

ENTSO – European cross border electricity exchanges

Denmark – Wind Turbine output

Fraunhofer ISE – Renewable Energy Data for Germany

Italy electricity data

Nordpool electricity data


World Coal Institute

EIA quarterly coal report

Population Issues

UN Population Projections

UN Urbanisation Prospects


Historic capacity factors of nuclear power plants


Global solar and wind resource maps

US monthly solar insolation

Materials Production

World Steel Association

Aluminium Production

USGS – Cement Production Statistics

FAO Forestry Statistics


UN trade statistics

Energy Storage

DOE – Energy Storage Data Base

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