Situation: On the look out for employment as a postdoc in energy research.

Profile: balding, provocative and occasionally grumpy. Or so they say.

Loves: Van Morrison, Nina Simone, P.G. Wodehouse.

Influences: Richard Feynman, Christopher Hitchens, Vaclav Smil, Jonathan Meades, Clive James.

5 responses to “About

  1. Jeremy Greeenwood

    Your approach is rigorous and sound. Your blog is entertaining, informative, and spot on when it comes to the most important challenges facing civilisation. Please keep up the good work!
    JG, PhD.

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  3. Just found your blog. I used read your stuff on the Siemens site then it stopped … I hope you keep going here

    • Thanks. I had my reasons for stopping writing for that site, but I won’t go into them. I plan to write frequently here. But I’m probably starting a postdoc on energy stuff in the summer, so I might cut back after then.

      But always good to hear people find my stuff worth reading.

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