An apology to the readers of Bishop Hill

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Over at Bishop Hill, the climate “skeptic” blog run by Andrew Montford, people seem to be discussing my short blog post from a couple of days ago which points out how climate change “skeptics” use the “This will harm poor Africans” gambit in their constant quest to provide justifications for doing nothing about climate change. My argument was that these people, mostly, don’t give a damn about the poor, but act is if they do when the subject of climate change comes up. Appealing to our better angels as a way of distracting from the fact that we are in fact appealing to our lowest, most selfish, instincts. Read the rest of this entry »

China is poised to overtake America as the world’s biggest oil importer

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If I stepped into a time travel machine and turned the dial to the year 2000, made my way to the nearest energy conference, and said the following, I would have been laughed off the conference floor: China will be the world’s biggest importer of oil in 15 years time.

This might have elicited laughter 15 years ago. But it is now about to come true, or it already has come true. Read the rest of this entry »

Jesse Jenkins on the land requirements of renewables

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Over at the Energy Collective, Jesse Jenkins has a piece on the land requirements of renewables, arguing that they aren’t a major barrier to deployment. Long-term readers will know I disagree with this as far as wind farms are concerned. Read the rest of this entry »

God Bless America

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The results are in, and it was Rational Adults 5 – Barbarians 4. The US Supreme Court has declared that gay marriage should be legal throughout America.

I feel as if I need to update my gay marriage hockey stick graph to add on Ireland and America.


When will environment journalists learn the difference between renewables capacity and generation?

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I have too many pet peeves to list. But here is one that simply won’t lie down: environment journalists, environmentalists, Twitter based energy experts, etc. etc. who don’t know the difference between renewable capacity and actual electricity generation. Anyone paid to write about or think about the future of energy should know the difference. But do they? Read the rest of this entry »

It costs us £2.3 million to protect a GM field trial from anti-GM environmentalists

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Three years ago a bunch of luddite hippies – including Jenny Jones, a one time Green Party candidate for London Mayor – attempted to destroy a trial of GM wheat in Rothamstead just north of London.

Fortunately there were enough cops to stop these pre-Enlightenment thinkers from destroying the trial.

Today, we have news of the results of the trial. Read the rest of this entry »