Comments on old posts have been closed

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Just a note to readers that I have shut down comments on old posts. I have done this because I would otherwise have to keep a continual eye on the comments to make sure advice on how to enlarge your penis (that is if you have one – and you probably do; energy and climate change is an excessively penis dominated affair) does not appear below a blog post on German energy policy. While I am sure some readers want this advice I must cater to the majority. Hence, comments are now closed.

But if you spot a typo, egregious mistake or just want to comment on something, then email me. Don’t imagine I am living in a cave for a few months. I am just not blogging, and trying to get some real work done. Bother me at robert.wilson at, if you want to. (The “at” is to avoid spam, by the way. And we all need to avoid spam.)