Carbon Counter will return

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Well, I hoped to get a couple of posts today out each day this week, given it was my last week of blogging this year. But it turns out I was much too busy trying to optimize R code. (Valuable lesson: dplyr is rather useful for big data in R.)

I should be back in the New Year, I think, maybe, maybe not. This blog mostly gives me a chance to vent about energy issues, and if I find another venue for venting I might never return…..

Anyone who wants to bother me or ask for my opinion on something over this period should contact my by email. It’s listed under Contact.

I have nothing more to say. But please return in five months and shoot me in the back if you find me repeating myself. The one thing I’ve learned about energy is that things move slowly. So the probability of my preoccupations changing in the next 5 months are slim…..