The world’s top 20 producers of solar electricity

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Over the next couple of weeks each day I’ll be producing short posts comparing the energy situation in most countries. Boom boom articles showing the kinds of numbers needed to have any real understanding of global energy.

Here is the first: solar energy. Which country gets more of its electricity from solar panels than any other? Most people would likely say Germany. After all, does it not get half of its energy from solar panels? Not quite. The real figure is a lot lower.

In fact, it is Greece that gets more of its electricity from solar than anywhere else. Here is, as of 2014, the world’s top 20 producers of solar electricity, as a percentage of total generation.


The top 20 is dominated by European countries. No America and no China. You will also see that there is absolutely no relationship between number of solar panels and actual sunshine available to power the panels. The ordering is chaotic, and a reflection of how the deployment of solar power, to date, has been more to do with politics than serious engineering or economic considerations.


One thought on “The world’s top 20 producers of solar electricity

    donoughshanahan said:
    June 23, 2015 at 11:06 am

    The geographic locations makes no sense.

    At best Germany, CzRep is getting approximately 60% of the irradiation of the south of Spain. Romania, France can fair better but whats the beef with the UK, Lithuania, Belgium, Denmark. surely as a designer, there are the countries to avoid putting solar in?


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