George Monbiot on the China excuse

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I sat down last night to write a blog post on how many climate change “skeptics” use inaction from China as an excuse for western countries not cutting emissions. Here are a few of unedited drafted paragraphs:

There are two types of human beings in the world. There are those who look at the bad behaviour of others and use that as a reason to behave similarly. Then there are those who aspire to something better and behave well regardless of what others do.

History tends to judge the latter more kindly. We do not erect statues to those who quietly stood by while millions were slaughtered by Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

We all piss in the same pool.

Not too bad, and possibly going somewhere.

So I check the Guardian website during lunch to find a piece by George Monbiot titled “Stop using China as an excuse for inaction on climate change”. And he says more or less exactly what I was going to say. I would have to dispute his somewhat uncritical remarks about China’s “energy transition”. But that aside I recommend people read his piece.

I will probably write my version of it a year from now…..