BP: China’s coal consumption did not fall last year

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I wrote earlier in the week that we should be skeptical about China’s coal statistics. As Glen Peters has said, they are like a bottle of wine and improve with age.

So when we saw the claim that coal consumption, and CO2 emissions, fell last year the wise thing to do would be to wait for more data.

And here is the latest. BP has just released its Statistical Review of World Energy. Instead of falling by 3.5% as some have claimed, BP estimates that it actually increased by 0.1%.

Similarly, BP estimates that China’s energy related CO2 emissions did not fall, but increased by 0.9%.

BP also estimates that global energy related CO2 emissions increased by 0.5%, which contradicts the claim by the International Energy Agency that they fell.

I will probably blog with more observations about the review later, so stay tuned.


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