I have breached the Great Firewall of China

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This blog has been going for almost two and a half years. It has been read by people from over 100 countries. Yet there was always one notable exception: China.

Exactly why this is, I am not sure. China obviously censors the internet like crazy. It’s possible that I typed the words “June 4th 1989” into a blog post and this set the censors on to me. My guess is that WordPress is blocked by the Great Firewall.

According to the source of all unreliable information, Wikipedia, it has been blocked since 2011. The website Great Firewall tells us that WordPress blogs are 83% blocked, whatever that means.

But if my blog is anything to go by things might have loosened up. I got my first Chinese readers in April, and I have kept getting them since then. Most of this traffic has gone to posts questioning official Chinese statistics, so perhaps there is a subversive figure in the officially non-existent propaganda bureau.

Oh, and now I see that I really should not have typed the words June 4th 1989. Better to go with Tianammen Square Massacre.