Jonathan Meades on God

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“God, is of course, a human construct, an invention, a fiction, an irrational absurdity. But it’s an absurdity which is perpetual, immortal, protean; an absurdity whose existence it is absurd to deny because God is omnipresent. God is in believers’ minds or souls or hearts or wherever it is they know he is. This is a fantastically successful invention. If ever an idea had legs; this one has run and run and is still full of puff.

God has been doted on since man – in his bewildered ignorance and reverential wonder – conceived the notion that all of this, all of us, must have been made by something else, something bigger, by an omniscient grease monkey who fitted the parts together. And who now services them in return for songs, sacrifices, oblations, genuflection – but who visits plagues, earthquakes, typhoons, famines, buboes and hideous skin conditions on those who fail to sing to him, who neglect to thank him.

This is not a sophisticated conceit – which is what accounts for its appeal to hundreds of millions. God is a universal solution. He is the one in whom faith is taken as a mark of earnest, of morality probity, etc, rather than as evidence of delusion or a symptom of insanity”.

– from The Absentee Landlord by Jonathan Meades in his fine essay collection “Museum Without Walls“.