I find that offensive

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The two most offensive words in the English language are “that’s offensive”.

Does telling me something is offensive constitute an argument?

All kinds of things are offensive to a certain class of mammal. Gay marriage, abortion, blasphemy. But as Stephen Fry has said, if you are offended, well so fucking what?

And that latest in the long list of things that offend is a monologue by Louis CK on Saturday Night Live. Apparently CK’s joke about child molestation aren’t funny, they are just offensive. Large numbers of idiots on Twitter imagining that CK stood up on television with an “I love young boys” t shirt – to joke about something is to endorse it.

An easily offended subset of humanity would like to tell us what we can and cannot make jokes about. Well, I find that offensive. But I don’t find this Louis CK monologue offensive, it’s up there with his very best.

Watch it.