Naomi Klein on promoting “sustainable” lifestyles

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“The added irony is that many of the people being sacrificed for the carbon market are living some of the most sustainable, low-carbon lifestyles on the planet. They have strong reciprocal relationships with nature, drawing on local ecosystems on a small scale while caring for and regenerating the land so it continues to provide for them and their descendants. An environmental movement committed to real climate solutions would be looking for ways to support these ways of life – not severing deep traditions of stewardship and pushing more people to become rootless urban consumers”.

This is how Naomi Klein describes Amazonian peasants in her book This Change Everything.

The book is bad enough by this point (page 223), but once Klein put the above paragraph down on paper the book could no longer be redeemed. Irregardless of the delusions of Klein, likely fed by the greater delusions of the likes of Vandana Shiva, most peasants do not wish to remain peasants. Quite the contrary. Today we are seeing the greatest migration in human history, from the village to the city. Those living sustainable lives are choosing rootlessness.


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    Arthur said:
    March 29, 2015 at 10:23 pm

    Wow, Will Boisvert couldn’t even fit that line in in his blistering review he wrote for us:


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