A carbuncle on public life is about to be exposed

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Prince Charles is a man with reactionary and often outright sinister views. So, there is nothing better than the news that the Supreme Court has decided that the letters he has written to ministers must finally be made public.

We might finally find out just how dreadful this man’s private opinions are. After all, this is a man who once stood up and claimed a quarter of a million Indian farmers killed themselves because of GM crops. A rather absurd statement given that he was blaming every farmer suicide since 1998 on the introduction of GM crops in 2004. But the best education money can buy cannot overcome the vagaries of the royal gene pool.

And then there is architecture. This man’s influence has been nothing but malign. As with everything else, Charles would have us return to the 18th Century, when the common people were pretty much starving, but his crowd were sitting pretty.

What we are almost certain to find is Prince Charles is anti-science, anti-modernity, well pretty much anti-everything   that came after the Georgians.

But now we might learn the full extent of it, and people may decide it is time to do something about it, before we all become his subjects.