The #thorium bots of Twitter

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I am a perpetual narcissist and sadist, so I spend part of my time searching Twitter and Google to see if people are saying nice or nasty things about my blog or things I have written.

Because of this perverse behaviour I  now continually come across an assortment of bots who tweet about thorium. If you want to find these people simple search for “#thorium” on Twitter. And they seem to be busy with a quick throw away blog post of mine. Here are a few of these characters:

This is just a selection of the bots that swamp the #thorium hashtag. The “Thor” guy is particularly interesting. He also runs a few other bots. Among them is “Eco_Wife” above. Then there is @DogClimate, At one point there was also CatClimate and ClimatePup, but they seem to have been removed, perhaps by Twitter in response to complaints.

Another guy @totterdell91 is equally impressive. He’s clearly got at least 3 bots – @Ocker08@Thorium_232 and @MaxieSilk – coded up to retweet more or less everything he tweets.

But the mystery remains. Is it one guy running 6 or 7 sock puppets or two guys running 3 or 4 each?

Have “Thor” and “Brendan” ever been seen in the same room?