What century do we live in?

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Britain has just provided ten million pounds of new money to provide security for Jewish schools and synagogues. I despair.

Europe’s Jews now live in daily fear of attack, simply for being Jewish. This has been obvious on the continent for a long time. Visit any major Jewish site in Paris or Brussels and you can sense the heightened security. Enter the Jewish Museum in Paris and you will be experienced to a thorough security examination. It has now arrived in Britain.

Shamefully, for Europe and the world, it is more than justified.

Some have suggested that the memories of the Holocaust are now fading and the old hatreds are returning. I fear they are correct.



One thought on “What century do we live in?

    peter2108 said:
    March 19, 2015 at 9:41 am

    The Israel/Palestinian conflict makes all this worse as it turns the Liberal Left (eg the BBC) against Israel and weakens their complaints against anti-semitism.


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