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For reasons I will not bore you with I have decided to stop writing for the Energy Collective. For the last year or so I wrote a column there and I was able to reach a much broader readership, with a couple of pieces getting around 20,000. All things must end though and I came to the conclusion that the model of journalism represented by websites such as Energy Collective is no longer one I can go along with. I could bore you with the arguments, but if you want the case stated clearly I suggest you read the writing of David Simon, the creator of The Wire, on the state of journalism.

In the mean time, I will probably not be writing anything over the next couple of months. So any regular readers will be disappointed, which is either a bad reflection on them or a good reflection on me.

I plan to return to blogging each week on this site sometime in the new year, most like February. However I may seek out a new outlet for my analysis or rants. The decision awaits.

In the meantime thank you to whoever is foolish enough to read my stuff on a regular basis. The switch away from Energy Collective hopefully will give me more freedom and also a willingness to push myself intellectually. Blogging allows you to try out unfinished ideas publicly and to see how they fly. It also let’s you vent, rant and complain, let off steam. As Christopher Hitchens observed, there is no light without heat. I miss the whole business.

And I also feel obliged to let my twitter followers know that I will be returning in the new year, on the condition that I submit my thesis by then. So if you were thinking of unfollowing me, think again. I will be back a little wiser, a little older, a little older, but a little sharpened.

P. S. to the various people who keep bothering me about how wind farms don’t reduce emissions, I hope to lay this stupid matter to rest in the new year.


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    Bill Heintz said:
    November 21, 2014 at 11:50 am

    It is not “foolish” to read someone’s informed opinion.


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