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You come across some rather strange people on the internet. Craig Morris is one of them. Ostensibly a journalist, but really a crude propagandist, this man seems to be paid to do little other than smear people. Anyone who pays attention to Twitter debates about German energy policy is probably aware of him. Some people, for some perverse reason, imagine is an honest relayer of information. Far from it.

Today he is implying that Mark Lynas is a closet climate change denier.  The evidence provided is zero. This, however, is his typical style. Discredit people by smear and innuendo. Some think he is an honest journalist; so, I thought I would just document some of his behaviour for the record.

Here are a couple of examples of what this so called “journalist” gets up to.

He claimed that I shut down my Twitter account because of embarrassing tweets I directed towards him. I have no idea what these tweets were, he didn’t specify.  But my guess is that they were tweets I directed at him when he called me an “opponent of renewables” This accusation was in response to something I wrote arguing that Germany should invest more in wind, and less in solar. If someone thinks this makes me anti-renewables then they are obviously a dogmatic fool. Naturally, after issuing this personal attack on me, Morris then complained about me making personal attacks on him. This, again, is a regular trick by Morris. Smear people and then complain about them being rude in response.

On the face of it, this is delusional. My mixed feelings about Twitter are on public record. And they are on this website. In fact, I had a public bet with the US journalist Keith Kloor that I couldn’t go a month without using Twitter. My threats to quit Twitter were treated as a recurring joke by some of my followers. But I did eventually shut my Twitter account, and then started a new one, mainly for social reasons; but I haven’t tweeted in the last four months. Was this all part of a ruse to hide my real reasons, these supposedly embarrassing tweets to a parasitic blogger? That this man believes I deleted my Twitter account because of rude tweets to him suggests he has some mental issues. Twitter would be out of business if everyone shut down their accounts because of such tweets.

Then there are the plagiarism accusations. First off he accused me of stealing a graph from a website without acknowledgement, and was describing me as someone who doesn’t source properly. This was nothing more than a shameless smear. My personal website has a data sources section, and I state in all of my Energy Collective pieces where I have taken data from. The accusation that I don’t source properly does not wash. But clearly Morris has the time to troll through my website to find a rare occasion when I forgot to provide a link.

Things then got worse when Morris popped up in the comments section of a recent piece I wrote to, once again, accuse me of plagiarism. First he accused me of re-writing his articles, but provided no evidence whatsoever that I did this. He then accused me of taking data from the Fraunhofer Institute and not acknowledging them because it would undermine my (apparently secret) agenda.

I responded to this accusations by copying in the computer code I used to calculate the numbers Morris claims I stole from somewhere. I hoped this would have resulted in an apology coming from Morris. But all I got was silence.

And today I find him on Twitter – he goes by handle of @ppchef – telling someone, who tweeted my pieced referenced above,  that Morris broke the story first, i.e. I am a plagiarist.

Clearly I am nothing of the sort, and if Morris believes I am he should damn well provide some evidence. But the only real question here is whether this man is a fantasist or a liar. Perhaps both.

Anyway, this man’s behaviour is ugly and he is probably not worth paying attention to; but I felt the need to put this on the record.


3 thoughts on “To be a plagiarist

    actinideage said:
    December 9, 2014 at 12:50 pm

    Judging mainly by a similar style and beligerence, as well as all the ‘p’s, I suspect that he also comments frequently at Brave New Climate as “ppp251” – for what that’s worth.

    If I’m wrong, I wholeheartedly apologise to that commenter for my mistake.

    Oscar Archer


    Craig Morris (@PPchef) said:
    December 12, 2014 at 2:07 pm


    What a joy it is to see my name grace your esteemed website! As you know, I am a big fan of your work, especially when your insights give me pause.

    Here, it is your argument that I should apologize. Not that I am against apologies; on the contrary, I wear my ability to admit mistakes proudly as a badge of honor. But it not only takes a certain level of maturity to apologize, but also to accept an apology.

    I retracted the appellation “opponent of renewables” immediately in the Twitter conversation you linked to above from 2012, and even reminded you of that in 2013:

    So just to clear the air between us, I hereby offer my deepest apologies for having labeled you “an opponent of renewables who has his head on straight, well worth subscribing to” after having merely read a few posts of yours, in particular one in which you correctly interpret my work (but nonetheless call it “absurd propaganda” and “intentionally misleading”). I accept that this label did not do justice to the breadth of your writings, and you may have noticed that I have not ever called you “anti-renewable” or used the label “opponent of renewables” again in reference to you or your excellent work.

    Will you now, after two years, except this explicit apology and my repeated retraction of this ill-considered epithet?

    P.S. The Brave New Climate website did not ring a bell, but I just visited it and have seen it before. I don’t post too many comments anywhere (I don’t have time), and I find pseudonyms to be cowardly (just for myself – not judging!). And anyway, I stand by things that I say, so I even use my Twitter handle when possible.


      Robert Wilson said:
      December 12, 2014 at 2:24 pm


      You ask that I accept your apology. Why should I accept such an apology when it is obviously insincere? As the post above makes clear you claimed with absolutely no evidence that I plagiarised your work along with that of the Fraunhofer Institute.

      What kind of moron do you think I am? Accept your apology for smearing me two years ago, while awaiting for another apology for you smearing me a couple of months ago! This is a bit like a thief asking someone’s forgiveness for stealing from them, while they their hand in their pocket stealing their wallet.

      As I’ve said before you are an immoral propogandist, nothing else. Why you go around claiming that you have some sense of journalsitic ethics is beyond me.


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