Writing on fuel efficiency

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The units we use to measure things matter. Take miles per gallon. How much fuel is saved if you switch from a 20 to 25 MPG car? Is it the same as if you switched 25 to 25 MPG? If you think it is, then you might have fallen for the MPG Illusion. To see why, read my latest piece over at Energy Collective.

I am rather busy at the minute, hoping to submit my thesis by Christmas. So, my columns at Energy Collective will either be sparse, or not going into much depth. However, I probably have around half a dozen half-written pieces. As ever, I question the value of keeping this blog ticking over. If I am not on Twitter – and I’ve not logged on in four months – then the viewers are sparse. But I plan to return to Twitter once my thesis is done, and to perhaps return to blogging here frequently. Blogging let’s you air half thought through ideas. And this is something I miss doing. So, maybe look out for a return to frequent output from  me.