More peak oil prophecy from Jeremy Leggett

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I read today that Jeremy Leggett reckons there will be a peak in global oil production in 2015, and some other things beside. This is all outlined in a new book apparently.

However let me recount some of Leggett’s previous predictions, all easily testable.

In 2006 he told us that peak oil would occur in 2008. This quite obviously did not happen.

In the same year he had a bet that peak oil will occur by 2010. I don’t need to tell you that he lost the bet.

Then in 2008 he told us that peak would occur by 2013.

It did not, but in 2012 he told us it would occur by 2015.

The last one ironically was in a piece titled “Monbiot says he was wrong on peak oil but the crisis is undeniable.”

Do you see a pattern? This is an old trick from prophets, I believe it goes back to the Old Testament. If the prophecy proves to be wrong just add a few years on to it, and your followers will not notice.