Nick Cohen on how climate change deniers have won

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Nick Cohen writes in this week’s Observer:

David Cameron, who once promised that if you voted blue you would go green, now appoints Owen Paterson, a man who is not just ignorant of environmental science but proud of his ignorance, as his environment secretary. George Osborne, who once promised that his Treasury would be “at the heart of this historic fight against climate change“, now gives billions in tax concessions to the oil and gas industry, cuts the funds for onshore wind farms and strips the Green Investment Bank of the ability to borrow and lend

All of which is a long way of saying that the global warming deniers have won. And please, can I have no emails from bed-wetting kidults blubbing that you can’t call us “global warming deniers ” because “denier” makes us sound like “Holocaust deniers”, and that means you are comparing us to Nazis? The evidence for man-made global warming is as final as the evidence of Auschwitz. No other word will do.

And I find it very difficult to disagree.


One thought on “Nick Cohen on how climate change deniers have won

    Guy Newey said:
    March 26, 2014 at 12:55 pm

    Not sure I agree, Robert. I am a big fan of Nick Cohen, but think he missed the mark on this one.

    There have certainly been inconsistencies in the government’s approach to climate change, but there is still a hell of a lot of money going towards low carbon (although much not well spent). One also many not like the climate change act, but it is certainly not nothing. The idea that deniers are winning, at least in the UK, is surely wrong.

    And The GIB was created by the coalition. It has not been stripped of its powers to borrow, it never had them. Should it? Well, let’s see if it works or not, perhaps…

    As for the ‘denier’ thing, depends who you are talking about. I find it an unhelpful term. That said, there are plenty of nutters out there, but one should be specific about identifying them and why they are nutters.


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