Nafeez Ahmed continues to distort the facts

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Nafeez Ahmed continues to twist the facts to suit his agenda in defence of his claims about a “NASA funded study” showing that civilization is about to collapse. He appears to have re-edited his latest blog post to include the following paragraph:

To be fair, much of the media reporting following my story blurred simple nuances even further. “Nasa-funded study” became “Nasa study”; a mathematical model exploring a range of hypothetical scenarios was depicted as stating unequivocally that “society is doomed”, “the end is nigh”, and “western civilisation is heading for collapse.”

What piffle. It is Mr. Ahmed who blurred simple nuances. Does he really think his readers are this credulous? Well, the facts are what they are. So, below are some tweets from Mr. Ahmed. I will let you decide who has blurred the nuances.

If Mr. Ahmed had a problem with the blurring of simple nuance he has a curious way of showing it. All it would have taken was a tweet saying it was not a NASA study. Instead we have him tweeting that it was a NASA study, and gladly tweeting a large number of people saying it was a NASA study. In case you want to know where these are they are here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

This is charlatanry of the highest order.

Update: Mr. Ahmed has deleted one of the tweets I mention above. Obviously he is trying to use the plausible deniability argument. Fortunately the Google cache of Ahmed’s tweet still exists. I have taken a screen shot.