Absurdity of the day: Greenpeace reporting on itself

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In case anyone is unfamiliar with the strange business, Greenpeace have set up a journalism wing called “Energy Desk.” Open Data, Open Discussion, Open Reporting. So they say. Yes, you really need to consult your Orwell here.

Today though we have the bizarre case of Greenpeace providing “analysis” of a report Greenpeace commissioned into renewable energy. The attempt by the writer to provide a patina of critical thought is particularly delightful.

Just think. An environmental group commissions a report to back up its campaigning strategy and it provides the journalism on it. If you spend enough time on the Huffington Post website you will quickly realise this is a potential future of journalism, a profession in an increasingly sorry state.

Not that I would ever recommend you read a report by Greenpeace about energy. You probably have just lined a wall with some paint and have brewed a coffee for the duration of your viewing.