Friends of the Earth are running out of anti-GM arguments

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Here is Friends of the Earth’s senior food campaigner at the BBC today:

“GM crops have been hugely over-hyped. Despite decades of research they have failed to deliver the benefits they have promised – and have been an expensive distraction from real solutions to the challenges we face.”

Whether GM crops have lived up to the hype is a question for debate. But what certainly is not upon for debate is that the hyped up scaremongering claims made by Friends of the Earth and others a decade or so ago no longer hold up. Then we were confidently told that GM crops will do huge damage to the environment or our health. Friends of the Earth gladly promoted the dodgy research of Pusztai, telling us back in 1999 that “Scientific concerns about the safety of GM foods are clearly real.” One must ask why Friends of the Earth do not put forward such “scientific concerns” today. Perhaps the concerns have been answered, but they are too dogmatic to notice.

Instead of scientific concerns, today these same people only seem to be able to offer up complaints about GM crops not living up to hype. In other words they are losing the debate, but remain unwilling to acknowledge that their positions from a decade ago were not based on evidence, but on an irrational sense of what is natural.