A break from Twitter

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Here are a few simple ways to make Twitter a better place:

1. If you want to retweet someone just retweet them. Sticking quotation marks around someone’s tweet to make it seem partly your own is just an annoyance to the other person.

2. If you can find out a piece of information via google, do that. Do not treat people’s Twitter accounts like a free Q&A service.

3. If you are going to swear then just swear. I will never forget someone on Twitter telling me to “f**k off” instead of “fuck off.” Remember your followers are adults.

4. If you retweet a statistic, check it first. Remember your followers hopefully aren’t idiots. If they can’t recognise that you just retweet statistics that suit your agenda then you maybe need a better class of followers.

5. Do not be an egg.

6. If you are not a public figure, then don’t act like one on Twitter. Do not feel compelled to make a public statement about every major event.

7. Use hashtags wisely. Remember there are two dudes clicking on things like #carbon or #emissions.

9. Follow @countcarbon

10. If you are the fiend behind @carboncounter or @robertwilson, then email me.

And, now that I have dispensed this indispensable advice, I’ll just remind my 15 followers (after you toss out the 1,500 or so bots) that I will be on a break from Twitter for the rest of the summer. So, if you want to bother me about a blog post I wrote, then much better doing it here, than hollering at an empty sky on Twitter.


One thought on “A break from Twitter

    eclectic X said:
    July 9, 2013 at 8:37 am

    Just set lots of alarm timers on my mobile phone to help me with my “To not do” List which includes: ironing, watering cacti, staying on twitter (apart from #badgermonday 11am – 2pm) taking too much time watering plants at my elderly neighbours garden…


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