“There are no technical barriers for a future without oil, gas or coal.”

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“There are no technical barriers for a future without oil, gas or coal”, according to Martin Faulstich, Chair of the German Advisory Council on the Environment.

In his opinion:

It is possible to have a future without fossil fuels according to Faulstich. Our economies can for 100% be based on renewable energies, in particular sun and water, and for almost 100% on recycled materials. Households and industry can be fully based on regenerative energy sources. He gave the example of trucks, using diesel to drive to the highways, where they connect to the electrical grid. The metal and chemical industry can also fully be based on sustainable resources. A future without oil, gas or coal, he stated, can be accomplished as early as by 2050.

“No technical barriers for a future without oil, gas or coal”? Let me name three: steel manufacturing, international shipping and aviation. We currently have no viable non-fossil fuel substitutes for any of these three activities, without which the modern globalised economy would collapse. Or perhaps we can use the biofuel solution, and cut down half of the Amazon to provide charcoal to replace coke in steel manufacture. Is that how Faulstich imagines the metal industry becoming “fully based on sustainable resources”?




One thought on ““There are no technical barriers for a future without oil, gas or coal.”

    jmdesp said:
    June 3, 2013 at 10:24 pm

    Maybe you don’t consider this a viable option, but if we can have nuclear-powered icebreakers and aircraft carriers, it sound like nuclear-powered container-ships could be done.

    The other two however unambiguously have no viable alternatives.


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